Wynyard Group Capital Raising

A True Crime Story

Wynyard Group are specialists in intelligence-led software and solutions for protecting companies and countries from threat, crime and corruption.

Reading like a modern day intelligence spy story, their Initial Public Offering (IPO) of shares tells the story of how Wynyard cut through complex information to get to the crux of a matter.

A hole drilled from the cover through the mandatory legal information, to a visual spread revealing Wynyard’s global presence and the flow of international crime, represents the analysis work they do, creating order and clarity from complexity.

Gritty photography brings a number of case studies to life by reinforcing that circumstances are not always what you think they are – behind an innocent everyday looking setting there could be a complex security situation at play.

The leadership team is photographed on-location to illustrate the international nature of Wynyard’s business. The real, unflinching style adds to the covert-intelligence nature of the story.

The singular black and white colour palette mimics the binary nature of data with small highlights of fluorescent colour drawing attention to a critical piece of information contained in the detail.

Throughout, a real balance is struck between complex legal requirements and a strong visual story-telling approach, creating an engaging offer document to attract investors.


Best Awards 2013 – Silver


Work created by Katie Rebairo whilst employed at insight



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client name

Wynyard Group Limited