Vinum Assets

Premium Vintage

Fine wine is one of the world’s fastest growing tradable commodities with its own exchange and pricing mechanisms. Vinum Assets makes investment in fine Bordeaux wine a strong option for investors
– recommending and facilitating wine purchases, providing validation and storage solutions and organising sales when the time comes.

Australian based Vinum were looking to attract sophisticated local and international investors. Our brief was to create a premium international brand identity that reflects the refinement of the discerning wine investor and the qualities of conservatism, security and transparency.

Our creative response was to make the Vinum identity a metaphor for the fine wines they work with. We wanted to avoid all the obvious imagery of wine, bottles, casks, vineyards and currency, so that the creative treatment could reflect the emotional values, rather than the physical attributes, of wine or investing. This is reflected in the typography, rich colour palette and refined photographic treatment.

Our brand assets included a logo and brand mark, photography, typography, colour palette, graphics and iconography. Applying these assets we produced an e-book profile brochure, website, marketing collateral, merchandising and a series of on-going communications such as a newsletters and term sheets.

The overall look is one of sophistication, refinement, timeless beauty and uncompromised quality.


Finalist – Best Awards 2013 


Work created by Katie Rebairo whilst employed at insight


Brand, Digital

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