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Code is sexy

Development is traditionally perceived as a technical process, but programmers have an incredible ability to create beautiful things which is often over-looked.

Roam is an Auckland-based app development company who blend art with science. Having worked closely with the developers, the process revealed their ability to solve complex problems and create engaging pieces of art through code – inspiring the concept for their new identity – Code is Sexy.

We wanted the identity to express innovation both visually and technically. The outcome had to be something that is artistically beautiful but allow the team to flex their programming talent by generating and manipulating the identity solely through code. The brand mark is intended to be completely generative, using the information moving through the network as a data source – anything from internet usage, hard drive space or the amount of treble from the music that’s currently being played over the sound system. The execution of the identity was only possible by close collaboration with the developers.

The plectrums that surround the wordmark are constantly morphing, so as a result the brand mark looks unique every time and never repeating. Breaking the tradition of a static logo, this living identity aims to inspire innovation, creativity and reflect the constant change happening in the technology industry.

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