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Custom Residential is a boutique real estate agency with a focus on individuality and service. Keith and Sandy Dowdle are both owners and also consultants within the agency. Whilst no longer the ‘new kids on the block’, Keith and Sandy’s own approach has developed to one of guidance: calm, intelligent and offering a wealth of expertise.

Keith and Sandy engaged us to articulate their unique approach and establish differentiation in the marketplace; to stay relevant to existing/previous clients as well as create a clear ‘brand story’ to attract new clients.

“It’s not about selling the house it’s about the emotional engagement with the area and the lifestyle it offers. The house is just the context for this. Our branding and visual language needed to absolutely reinforce that connection”.

We began by conducting qualitative research to understand the decision making drivers across key customer scenarios and this analysis informed our approach.

We created a ‘Keith&Sandy’ identity to reflect their engaging characters and strong team approach and developed a visual language which is individual but works harmoniously with the overarching Custom Brand. The photographic style provides a distinct perspective; visually restrained images make a bold statement with just a whisper, creating real standout in a noisy space. This is delivered with a tone of voice that is intelligent, real and a bit playful – just like them.

“A mark of our success is being recognised as the go-to for advice and guidance around property, not just buy and sell; we have seen a real lift in this and a comfort in people seeking us out since the launch of the campaign”.

These brand components have been brought to life consistently across channels, spearheaded with a print advertising campaign and blog. Each ad heroes features of the neighbourhood that make it such a unique and desirable place to call home. Readers are encouraged to visit their blog for more of Keith and Sandy’s unique take on the hood – celebrating local hidden gems and some of their favourite haunts.

The new brand, campaign and Blog have translated to some exciting results for Keith & Sandy.

“2016 has been one of the most profitable years of the company in one of the tightest listing markets the local area has seen”

“For us there has been a real synergy in engaging another local start-up – SOAP™ and working with an agency who really understands what’s required to make our offering so unique”.


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