Keith & Sandy

Keith & Sandy from boutique real estate agency Custom Residential engaged us to create their brand story. Their key challenge to SOAP™ was to shift a player in the mid-range price bracket into the top end.

We set about finding a way to build credibility with the high-end target audience, establishing a sense of belonging and passion for the area they live and work in. We needed to understand the decision-making drivers across key customer scenarios which we achieved through qualitative research. This revealed most agents focus on the house for sale, not the location and their communications tended to be visually shouty – very retail.

We also discovered most buyers experienced as many emotional drivers as rational ones when purchasing. This informed our creative direction – position Keith & Sandy as expert thanks to their being a genuine part of the community.

The visual interpretation of this was atypical of the category, with cues from high-end brands, whilst still being real and attainable. Our creative direction created a unique brand story with a narrative allowing them to do things differently to their competitors. Each image designed to be intriguing – suggestive rather than explicit – inviting the viewer to bring their own emotional response. Copy kept to a minimum, eliciting the audience’s curiosity, teasing to more information via their Blog. The advertising became a canvas to create a sense of artistic discovery using local landmarks.

In the first year, the campaign has generated some exciting results:

“2016-17 has been one of the most profitable years of the company in one of the tightest listing markets the local area has seen with a 44% increase in $2m appraisals and 21% increase in sold”

“When sales and appraisals are combined we have experienced growth in our target sector by a factor of 2.5 times!”
Keith Dowdle, Custom Residential


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