Humphreys Landscaping Architect’s Brochure

We helped high-end urban landscapers Humphreys tend to their business by creating a brochure that enabled Architects to introduce Humphreys’ services as part of an overall design solution for their clients.

When Architects are your primary audience you have to produce something that’s well considered, beautifully designed, and engaging. This brochure also needed to impress their often high spending clientele.


Firstly, we helped Humphreys establish their ‘Timeless design, unparalleled service’ positioning. We then streamlined their business descriptor into three key offerings – Design/Build/Maintain. These were used as a navigation system throughout the brochure. Each section featured a selection of case studies, including a list of services to help build instant credibility with both the architect and client.

When it came to inspiration we took ours from nature, albeit Humphrey’s stylishly manicured version of the great outdoors. To create a sense of intrigue, we made readers feel like they were peeking over a luxurious hedge, to look around Humphrey’s work.

For the client the brochure showcased aspirational landscaping solutions alongside information detailing the pragmatic and functional services Humphreys have to offer. Whereas Architects needed to be reassured that Humphreys would deliver a sympathetic high quality landscaping solution to marry with their architectural concept.


Black, white and minimal design spoke to Humphrey’s timeless quality. Contrasted against lush foliage, revealed via shorter cut covers, this ‘hedging’ wrapped around the brochure, just as it would the boundaries of a property. Hidden behind the hedge were a number of surprise reveals including large shots of premium gardens.

Little touches, such as incorporating cobalt blue as a nod to the blueprint stage of the landscaping design process, a client list inside the back cover, and bronze staples for binding, all added the overall luxury of a brochure that truly reflected their premium business.


Best Template - Winners Badge Logo - Finalist - 2016


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Humphreys Landscaping