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A huge part of living well is eating food your whole body can enjoy. Food Fix Up elevates your wellbeing and happiness with simple, healthy and delicious recipes.

After the highly successful launch of their iOS and Android apps, Food Fix Up asked us to create their website to work in tandem with the app, providing lifestyle content and recipes that reflect their ‘whole food made delicious’ philosophy.

In addition to offering exclusive recipes, the website expands to become a hub of health and wellbeing reference, featuring a Lifestyle section with contributions from industry leaders in yoga, fitness and nutrition.

We wanted to create a real synergy between the app and website, establishing a seamless user experience. Extending our approach from the app, we encouraged the user to indulge in the experience of leafing through a printed cook book.

Catering for the different ways people interact and search for information, an elegant search function was designed to provide immediate access to specific content. We also created a more organic method of discovery – in doing so, delivering a very personal journey of health and wellbeing, to encourage increase of use, sharing and exploration.

Echoing the visual language established for the app, the UI was crafted with the same fresh colour palette, clear iconography and contemporary typographic approach, right to the last micro interaction.

Users are delivered Food Fix Up’s philosophy to wellbeing in a truly immersive user experience across mobile, tablet and now desktop devices.


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