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The air conditioning market was presented to us as a visual landscape cluttered with all brands speaking with similar voices solely focused on features and product benefits. Research revealed that although leading technical innovation, Daikin wasn’t differentiated in this crowded space – Daikin needed to break free.

The task, ‘Create clear air between Daikin and the competition through Design’. With this challenge we took an approach underpinned with three core principles: Be simple. Be human. Be the best. Following the theme of the TVC, we set about redefining the brand toolkit, moving Daikin to tell an emotional story of connecting people beyond just technology.

The direction for imagery was taken to reveal intimate moments as the key focal-point to our photographic style. We set about creating a sense of emotion with the product itself enabling the consumer to be able to visualise an aspirational experience similar to the moment we create. The imagery was directed to be textured, real and products present without feeling center staged or formulaic. When looking to feature the ‘rational’, we created a clean and sophisticated style without losing the intimacy. For the heroic product shots we helped Daikin reveal their design seamlessly blending into any space.

Typographically we simplified and humanised Daikin’s approach, selecting a single typeface that was both modern and fresh whilst staying hard working to function well at large display and small copy sizes. This was important in order to work across multiple channels.  The tone of voice was also clarified, moving away from technical jargon to relate to the customer – conversational and informative.

A flexibile colour palette was also introduced; we created a harmonious spectrum of both warm and cool colours – easily combined with each other or used alone.

The final solution has helped create clear differentiation within this functional category, allowing Daikin to establish a real sense of warmth and connection with their customers.


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Daikin Australasia